Best Global Trampoline Parks To Visit With Your Partner 2020

If you are in search of the best square trampoline parks to take your partner to, you can have a look at the ones that are from the western hemisphere. Most of the best global trampoline parks are either located in US or in Canada.

  1. Jumpstreet: This park is considered to be one of the biggest in this global market. It has locations all across US such as Arizona, Tennessee and Georgia to name a few. You can take your partner for a day out and enjoy yourself in areas likes trampoline, foam fit or dodgeball court. It is also a great place to take your partner for a date and a day off. This place also hosts special birthday parties and thus you can take your partner here for his birthday celebration.



  1. Urban Air Adventure Park: It is another best global trampoline parks that is located in many places across US. One of the parks is situated in Bristol, UK. All of the parks consist of big trampoline rooms that host special areas for jump pits, dodgeball and basketball. Each of the global locations has its own ultimate features. If you take your partner to the global park in Ardmore, OK, you can get engaged in a warrior obstacle course and compete with each other as well as try to beat this location’s highest score.


  1. Planet Air Sports: This global trampoline park is located in Pompano Beach and Doral, Florida. It is considered to be the best global trampoline park by many people as it has so much to offer to everyone. If you take your partner to this place, you will not only enjoy the basic elements of several best global trampoline parks but also take some break and get involved in other amenities of the park. For instance enjoy your day with your partner by snowboarding down the slope, playing trampoline basketball, going down the zip line or playing cage ball. You can also try triple bungee trampoline or racing down any ninja course.


  1. Helium Adventure Park: Located in New Berlin, WI, it is considered to be the best global trampoline park to take your partner as it consists of a great variety of attractions as well as concessions. If you are tired of jumping around in the best trampoline room, you can get some refreshment by enjoying a pizza and soft drinks. The fun, entertainment along with the food will make it a perfect place to spend your entire day with your partner. You can also host special parties with or for your partner here.



So now you take your partner to the best global trampoline park and enjoy a day full of fun and entertainment. You can also surprise him by celebrating his birthday or your special day over there.


Andrea Foerster

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