Trampoline Parks And Clubs In Zurich 2020

If you enjoy jumping, playing and having fun on rectangle trampolines, then you will love the trampoline parks and clubs in Zurich. Zurich has many big parks where trampolining is one of the main attractions. Mentioned below are some of the popular square trampoline parks and clubs in Zurich.

  • Skills Park Winterthur: It is a big multisport hall that includes several facilities for skating and biking along with trampolining. It also includes an in-house restaurant that serves freshly prepared food as well as beverages. Various workshops along with special events help people from different countries to create bonds among themselves. It is also a famous family outing destination. Since this hall includes sports and games along with fun, it has a huge impact on the minds of young people. A huge variety of activities are offered here. You can learn the latest tricks on skateboards. Some people are seen to jump on the large trampoline with other people and build bonds with them while enjoying the activity.

  • Rockin’ Jump: If you like to exercise and also have fun, then you must visit this park for seeking lots of fun. It a big place that is created to make these visitors soar in the open jump areas, perform flips as well as somersaults and play best quality trampoline dodge ball. It has also created a good impact on many people who wishes to host their parties and family gatherings in a different way. Your guests will have a great experience at our trampoline park. Kids will have a lovely time exploring the exciting attractions at this venue. While the kids play safely parents can socialize and create bonds with each other.
  • Trampolino: It is known as the biggest and most famous play hall in Zurich. You should try to visit this place as soon as it opens in order to avoid a big queue in the entry gate. Not only kids, but this place will also create a huge impact on adults too. Some of the areas of this big hall are reserved only for the little ones. A 3-year-old kid will enjoy himself completely under some proper supervision. It includes some attractions that will cost more such as harnessed trampoline as well as bumper cars. This place witnessed over 1 billion visitors last year.

  • Springding: If you are looking for something that is not so popular in order to avoid a huge crowd, then look out for Springding. It is an indoor playground which is similar to Trampolino and is situated near the south end of the Lake Zurich. This place puts forward a lot of activities for both little ones and grown-up kids. So regardless of the age, everyone can have fun here as many fun activities await for everyone at this big park in Zurich.

So if you enjoy playing on a trampoline springs, visit any of these parks to have a great time when you are in Zurich.

Andrea Foerster

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