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Best Trampoline Spring Covers for Winter 12 14 15ft: Latest 2021 Reviews

Even the best of trampolines need protection during the winters and extreme climatic changes. Trampoline covers are basically designed to protect your trampoline from the onslaught of harsh weather and rain. The cover not only offers protection to the trampoline but it also keeps the jumping mat free from dust, leaves, and water.

trampoline spring cover

Best Trampoline Spring Covers Comparison Table

Top 6 Best Trampoline Covers For Winter Reviews

#1. Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover

This trampoline cover by Jumpking is designed to fit a fifteen feet round trampoline frame that has W shaped or U shaped legs. The cover comes with attachable hooks that easily hook onto V-shaped rings. It has the capacity to hold on during the strong winds to offer maximum protection to the trampoline.

It is like a child’s play to attach this trampoline spring cover 14ft​ to the trampoline and it is equally easy to remove it from the trampoline. The cover fits well and weighs only about 2.2 pounds. The material of this cover is strong enough to hold on to the frame even when the winds are strong and it does not tear easily. The dimensions of this cover are 180 x 180 inches which provide ample coverage for your ​trampoline cover 15ft.

trampoline cover for winter


  • The cover fits properly on the 15 inches round trampoline and covers it properly to save it from any damage arising due to the harsh weather in winters.
  • The material is strong which makes sure that the cover is tightly secured to the frame of the trampoline even during the harsh winds.


  • The marketing strategy of the company has not worked very well for this particular cover as there are not many customers who have rated or reviewed this cover. The marketing strategy of the company has failed to attract as many customers as the product is worthy of.
Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover
6 Reviews
Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover
  • fits 15 ft. Round Trampoline Frames that have...
  • weather cover design has attachable hooks for...

#2. 14 ft. Forest Green JumpSport Trampoline Weather Cover

It is a trampoline weather cover by JumpSport for a 14 feet trampoline. The best thing about this ​trampoline spring cover 14ft is that you can use it without even removing the safety enclosure (trampoline enclosure cover of a few specific brands). It is designed to fit only four U shaped legs frame trampoline. The cover is made up of Heavy-duty PVC coated Polyester which assures that the cover will last longer without any issues or problems.

It is very easy to install. All you have to do is to buckle the cover around the poles of the trampoline to protect it from the harsh weather. The ​trampoline cover 14ft ​weighs around 17.65 pounds. There is also a drainage mesh in the centre to avoid the pooling of water. It is good enough to stay secure during storms and at the same time, it will also keep your trampoline spotless and clean from the spots of leaves and dust etc.

trampoline cover 12ft


  • It slips right under the safety enclosure and buckles up easily without the hassle of removing the safety enclosure.
  • It is highly durable and the material used is meant to last for years.
  • The drainage mesh allows the water to flow down without any pooling which negates any extra pressure on the springs.


  • The cover is good and durable but there is just one big problem. The problem is that the cover only fits on a 14 feet trampoline that has four U shaped legs. It will hardly fit any other trampoline which is a problem if you want to buy this cover.
JumpSport 14 Foot Round Protective PVC Coated Trampoline...
13 Reviews
JumpSport 14 Foot Round Protective PVC Coated Trampoline...
  • Fit: Green trampoline cover fits most 14 foot...
  • Function: Protects trampoline bed and pad...

#3. Pure Fun 12ft Trampoline Cover

Pure Fun’s 12 feet trampoline cover has a reputation among the durable trampoline covers as it is made up of a thick PVC waterproof fabric. The heavy-duty polyethylene makes it durable enough to stand strong even during storms and winters with all the snow and rains. It also provides UV resistance to ensure that your trampoline is safe under the sun and the colour of the trampoline will not fade.

The trampoline cover has straps along its circumference so that it could be strapped to the springs and the legs of the poles. Along with that, the green colour merges easily with the surroundings and looks good to the eye. Water drains from the centre of this trampoline so that the water does not collect on the surface to put any extra pressure on the mat or the springs.

trampoline tent cover


  • It is highly durable as it is made of a thick PVC waterproof fabric.
  • ​trampoline cover 12ft provides protection to the trampoline from the harsh UV rays of the sun which also keeps the colour intact.
  • There is a water drainage system in the centre of the cover which stops the water from being collected.


  • The only problem with the Pure Fun trampoline cover is that you have to remove the safety enclosure from the bottom to be able to install the cover on your trampoline. Sometimes it becomes a tedious task to do so, especially when you are in a hurry. Otherwise, it is good.
Pure Fun Trampoline Cover (12-Feet)
35 Reviews
Pure Fun Trampoline Cover (12-Feet)
  • Heavy Duty 130g Polyethylene
  • Pure Fun Trampoline Weather Covers are made...

​#4. Upper Bounce Trampoline Protection Cover

The Upper Bounce trampoline cover comes in eight different sizes and you can have any one of these depending on the size of your trampoline. The sizes of the cover are designed to fit different sizes of frames ranging from 7.5 feet to 16 feet. The cover could be attached to the frame using the S-shaped hooks whereas it is attached through V rings to the jumping mat. This setting allows a strong and secure strapping which is sure to stay in place.

The trampoline cover offers one hundred percent protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun because of its laminated PE fabric. Apart from all these qualities, it is very easy to secure or remove the cover from the trampoline. It comes in different sizes and colors and can fit the trampoline of any brand. It also comes with a drainage hole. There is also a 90-day warranty with this cover.

trampoline top cover


  • They offer a 90 days warranty which is a rare thing.
  • It comes in different sizes and colors and is suitable to fit trampoline of any brand.
  • Laminated PE fabric offers complete UV protection.
  • The hooks setting makes it easy to install or remove them and also provide secure fastening.


  • The cover is not very durable and there are various negative comments regarding the durability of the product. There are, in fact, many images showing how the cover was shredded due to the prolonged use under the sun. However, it will work well if you wish to use it in the winter.
Upper Bounce Weather-Resistant Protective Trampoline Cover,...
20 Reviews
Upper Bounce Weather-Resistant Protective Trampoline Cover,...
  • UNIVERSAL: Our Trampoline weather covers are...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: A trampoline cover will keep...

​​#5. Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover

This trampoline cover by Skywalker comes in three different shapes and five different sizes. The different options include a 17 feet cover to fit an oval trampoline, 15 feet and 12 feet covers to fit round trampolines, and 8 x 14 and 9 x 15 sq. feet covers to fit rectangle trampolines.

This ​skywalker trampoline cover is made up of weatherproof vinyl-coated UV-resistant PVC material to provide protection from the sun and harsh weather conditions. The design comes with a heavy-duty cord that holds the cover in place by creating tension around the trampoline. The cord goes all around the trampoline and holds the cover in place so that it does not rise up with the winds.

trampoline pool cover

The straps have clips that hook to the V rings for added security. There are drainage holes that do not allow water or snow to form up a puddle on the surface.


  • The elastic cord keeps the cover intact and does not allow it to rise during the strong winds.
  • There are covers for trampolines of different shapes and sizes.
  • The cover is fit to use during any weather.
  • There are a few drainage holes, unlike the other covers which have just one in the centre.


  • The only problem with this cover is that the straps used to attach the cover to the trampoline are not as strong as they are supposed to be. It might have been a big cause but provided that the cord is there, it can be overlooked.
Skywalker Trampolines Accessory Weather Cover - 15' Round
40 Reviews
Skywalker Trampolines Accessory Weather Cover - 15' Round
  • FITS: 15' round trampolines
  • MATERIALS: Made of weatherproof vinyl-coated...

#6. Ultega Trampoline Jumper Raincover

This cover by Ultega Trampoline Jumper comes in three different sizes of 10 feet, 12 feet and 14 feet. The rain cover is to be fastened using a drawstring which makes it more durable than other options of covers as the straps of other covers might break due to prolonged use but this will not be a problem with this cover.

It comes in blue colour which looks good and pleasing to the eye. It is made up of fibre-reinforced PVC film and offers UV protection. It covers the trampoline well enough to offer maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun that may cause serious damage to your expensive trampoline.

cover for trampoline


  • There is a drawstring to fasten the cover around the trampoline which makes the cover much more durable and useful.
  • It covers the trampoline well enough and gives a snugly fit and also provides good protection.
  • It offers UV protection from all the harmful rays of the sun.
  • The light blue colour of the cover looks good and is very pleasing to the eye.


  • There is no drainage system and it becomes a little bit tedious to remove all the water puddles on the trampoline manually. It is not good for the springs of the trampoline if the water stays for too long on the surface. You may however have it if there are no frequent rains in your area.
Ultega Trampoline Jumper Raincover
9 Reviews

Can You Keep A Trampoline Out In Winter?

The ultimate and undeniable answer would be a loud and affirmative Yes. You can always keep a trampoline out in the winter. In fact, outdoor trampolines are meant to be kept outside even in the winters. Few of these trampolines are fixed and are immovable and it seems a little difficult to keep a big trampoline inside the house. Moreover, you will not have enough vertical space to jump on a trampoline within the four walls of your house.

However, you should always ascertain that your trampoline is fully covered while it is out in the open. It is because even the most costly ones, which are claimed to be made out of the best material, are vulnerable to the damaging effects of winter. The winters can easily ruin your jumping mat and changing it can cost you a lot. Your safety pads are not safe either.

The trampoline covers not only provide protection to your trampoline but also prolong the life of the mat and the safety pads. As an added benefit, the trampoline shade cover will also keep your trampoline clean as the dust, leaves, and twigs will fall only on the cover.

Get An Idea About Trampoline Winter Care

The rain and the snow can damage trampolines in the winter. The safety pads soaked in water or snow should be the first thing that you should totally avoid. If too much snow collects on the jumping mat, it could stretch the springs.

You can either remove the safety pads and keep them inside and keep shoveling the snow from the jumping mat or you could either cover the trampoline. When excess snow falls on the cover, you can simply shake or remove the cover to get rid of the snow.

Is A Trampoline Cover Essential In Winter?

Yes, a trampoline tent cover is the most necessary thing that you would want to have if you do not want to see your hard-earned money being damaged in the winter. No matters, how much the company claims their trampoline to be this resistant and that resistant; the winter season is sure to damage it to some extent if not completely.

It should be kept in mind that the damage is sure to squeeze some money out of your pockets. The safety pads alone cost a good amount and if you consider changing them after every winter season for five years, it would be more economical to buy a trampoline top cover instead. Now imagine the added cost of the jumping mat and the springs. It is best to buy a trampoline cover to avoid all such expenses on the repair and maintenance of the trampoline.

You should definitely buy a trampoline cover to rid yourself of all these unnecessary expenses. Buying a trampoline cover will also elongate the life of the jumping mat and safety pads as the cover will be useful throughout the year.

How Should You Pick The Perfect Trampoline Covers For Winter?

There are various parameters that you should keep in mind to make sure that you purchase the perfect cover for your trampoline. The first parameter that you should keep in mind while purchasing a trampoline cover is the size of your trampoline.

Trampolines come in different shapes and dimensions. Purchasing a cover, which is smaller or bigger than your trampoline, is not a wise decision at all. Make sure you remember the dimensions of your trampoline correctly. If you do not remember the correct dimensions, make sure you refer to your purchase invoice before buying a cover.

A cover that can handle any kind of weather will be the best choice for you. It will make sure that the cover will protect the trampoline round the year. Off-brand trampoline covers might seem like a feasible option but that would be a total waste of money. These covers are cheap but their quality is highly compromised. It is better to buy a high-quality and durable cover to make sure that you invest in the right product and you get the best results out of your investment.

Should You Buy A Special Cover For Your Trampoline?

Yes, a special cover for your trampoline is a must. Imagine using a tarp as a cover during winters. First of all, the tarp will be square with just one grommet for each corner; whereas, your trampoline is circular. It will be nearly impossible to fit a tarp to it but a trampoline cover will be circular with grommets at regular intervals throughout the circumference.

The second reason is the quality of the tarp. The tarps are not suitable for any season let alone the winter season as strong winds can tear them apart easily. The material of the tarp is not good enough to offer optimal protection and cover. Even if you will try to make holes in the tarp manually, and then try to bind the tarp to the trampoline; the tarp will be prone to damage where it has been cut. You will have to change many tarps especially when the wind will be howling.

Buying a trampoline cover will be a lot more simple and efficient way of covering your trampoline. What if the tarp tears and your trampoline damages? Buying a trampoline cover would be a lot cheaper than buying another trampoline.

If you are thinking about durable tarps, they cost around the same as trampoline covers. It is better to buy a trampoline cover than entrusting your expensive trampoline to a tarp that is not even fit to cover it properly.

How Should You Install A Trampoline Cover For Winter?

Basically, there are two types of trampoline covers and each one has a different installation process. Some covers come with anchoring kits to hold them into place while the others come with grommets and clips.

The ones with anchoring kits might seem a little tricky to install and remove but they are quite easy to install and remove and either of the tasks only take a couple of minutes to complete the process. All you have to do is to fold these clips or anchors over the spring pad of your trampoline. They don’t require any drilling or special process to set them up. They just fasten onto themselves and to remove the cover simply unfasten these clips or anchors.

The ones with grommets are to be attached to the frame of the trampoline using the clips. These are very common and take only a few minutes to install or remove. It will take some time to attach the clips to the frame for the first time but after that, you will only need to fasten the clips to the frame.

Few Last Words

There is one truth that you must be aware of when it comes to trampoline covers for winter. It may not be suitable on the basis of where you reside. Extreme conditions during winter might ruin the mat of a trampoline that has a cover on it. But trampoline covers will be extending your buy if you make use of them in any type of weather. Follow one rule and that is to cover the trampoline once you are done using it.

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