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How To Double Bounce On A Trampoline 2020?

Most of us think that jumping on the trampoline can only be enjoyed by kids. But one thing that even adults will love doing is the double bounce trick on a trampoline. If you wish to do so, then you should know how to double bounce on it.

  1. Get On The Right Position On The Trampoline: Firstly it is very important to become aware of where each individual requires to stand. If you will be double bouncing then you must position yourself correctly in the centre of the trampoline. This is the most basic position for production of double bounce on a trampoline.
  2. Place The Other Person On the Right Position On The Trampoline: The other individual with whom you will be double bouncing on the trampoline must also be positioned properly. He should be standing in any one corner of the trampoline. If you are going to double bounce on a round trampoline, then the two individuals must stay as near to the edge of the trampoline as possible.
  3. Begin Jumping: Now you should begin to jump. You should not really get bothered about how high you are jumping. You should only keep on jumping as much as you can. Allow the other person to plan his timing correctly while you keep jumping alone. He should wait until you hit the mat. After that he should start to jump. He will try to launch you in the air with his production of Once the other person will start to jump, you will start to bounce much higher. You can stay in your initial position or can perform one backdrop or add anyother type of trick that you may wish.

So follow the above mentioned steps to understand how to double bounce on a trampoline. The point of double bouncing on a trampoline is to make the individual who is jumping in the middle bounce as much as high as possible. You can perform it with two people or more.


Get A Proper Idea About A Trampoline Chair 2020

Apart from a rocking chair, a Murakami Chair with an in-built OLED lamp is also available in the market. This lamp is actually powered via rocking of the Murakami Chair, thus decreasing the usage of additional energy. Another chair that has become much popular these days is a trampoline chair.

What Is A Trampoline Chair?

A trampoline chair is one such chair that includes bungee cords as well as bands. Bungee cords are properly lined so that the chair has several open spaces in order to offer the users breathability. This chair’s seating portion consists of bungee bands. Other parts are built up of either steel or plastic or may with some other metals. It is also called a bungee chair or a bunjo chair. A trampoline chair is an ideal inclusion to a reader’s corner. It will be adding comfort and bringing lounging to a completely new level. Just because you do not want to practice trampolining never means that you will not be able to enjoy that chair’s comfort which is related closely to trampolines. These chairs are stylish, practical and look much better than Murakami Chair when placed indoors. Some of them also come with a bounce in and out technology and everyone including the kids love it as they can practice trampolining on them.

What Are The Uses Of Trampoline Chairs?

A trampoline chair is in trends all over the globe. Its unique functions set it apart from a Murakami Chair and thus it is more preferred by everyone irrespective of their age. The trampoline chairs being flexible can be placed in the garden, lawn, beach and many other places. Depending on the chair’s design as well as model, you can make use of it in your home, office and in outdoor.


So a good quality trampoline chair adds as much comfort as a standard lounger. If you do not practice trampolining on them and make use of them like a chair, they are safe and much useful than a Murakami Chair.

Is There Really Fortune In Trampoline Parks 2020?

A huge development has been shown by the indoor trampoline parks across the world as kids as well as adults are finding entertainment by bouncing off the walls, playing some games and landing on a trampoline bounceboard. So if you are wondering if there is really fortune in trampoline parks then here is a complete guide for you.

Earning Prospective: If you start a trampoline park business then you will be providing your customers with an excellent form of entertainment. You can charge them by per hour basis and also offer them discounts depending on various special events such as some tournaments as well as fitness classes. To draw a huge traffic you can include party packages too.

  • Usually, $10/hour of the jumping time is charged by the indoor trampoline park businesses.
  • In costly rented areas, the rates are a little bit on the higher side and a little cheaper in the less inhabited areas.
  • The start-up expenses for any indoor trampoline are quite high. But the profit perspective is also great. A trampoline park in UK has a total revenue of $2 million along with a 39% profit margin. It equals to a profit of $780,000 yearly. As a business owner, if you open a trampoline park in New Jersey, you can expect the profit margin to be 25%.
  • To make more profit, you need to add concessions as well as other types of entertainments in the park. If you offer only trampoline facility in your park, then try to transform it to a family entertainment venue with the focus on a trampoline. It will help you to double the time of the guests who visit the park and thus increase the revenue by almost $1 million yearly.

So now that you have a proper idea of the earning potential of a trampoline park business, you are aware of is there really fortune there. You can start with this business if it is a perfect match for you.

Get A List Of Trampoline Innovation Ideas 2020

Trampolines are one of the main assets of several families backyard. Kids are seen to enjoy, have fun and exercise while they bounce on the trampolines. But once they are grown up, you might think about what you can do with any leftover trampoline. You would have never thought how creative and unique your trampoline could look. Here are some ideas mentioned below.

  • You can make a swinging chair by including strong rope. 


  • It is a sort of hammock.



  • Turn a trampoline into a floating one. Your loved ones can enjoy themselves on it.



  • Transform it into a water trampoline rope swing which will be fun for everyone.



  • Create a trampoline tent swing and add some cushions and great linens.


Trampoline Impact On Knees For Asians 2020

It looks like there are many individuals particularly Asians who have been injured seriously by trampolines at least once. There are some risks associated with jumping up and down on a trampoline. Even if you are almost calm while jumping it can create a bad impact and get you injured.

Are There Any Possible Knee Injuries?

Do you think that jumping on a trampoline has no bad impact on your knees? You might think so as the trampoline’s spring action appears to absorb most of the impact on its own. It is true, but trampoline investment is not a great idea for Asians as it has a potential of causing many other issues that will have a direct effect on your knees as well as other joints present in your body. It is very common that you will hyperextend the knees when you will jump on a trampoline. It will cause too much pain and in a few extreme cases, it will damage all delicate ligaments present inside your knee which let it normally function. It is also seen that damaged ligaments require surgical repair to allow you to continue with your regular routine. You should consider this carefully if you think of looking out for standard quality trampolines in the market and spend funds to even buy the best one. Further, if you already have a knee injury due to jumping, then by continuing jumping on a trampoline you will only be making your existing injury worse. It will also be taking a lot of time for the recovery.

So jumping on a trampoline can be very harsh. Regardless of whether you are landing almost ideally each time, you will still excite your knees with each and every jump. A wrong landing can also lead to a severe injury that no one wishes to experience ever.





How To Get Loan For A Trampoline Business From CITI 2020?

Are you looking for starting up a trampoline business? If you do not have the necessary fund, then you can look out for the several business loans available nowadays. Mentioned below are some ways of getting a loan for your trampoline business from CITI.

  1. Short-Term Business Loan: This is a lump sum loan that needs to be repaid within a short time (less than 18 months). It is a flexible loan that is perfect if you wish to finance your short-term requirements. To get a short-term business loan from CITI for your trampoline business, you need to apply online. You need to submit bank statements, credit score, tax returns, proof of ownership and voided business check. It being an online application the process is fast and simple. You will be getting the approved fund for your trampoline business within a day or two if your loan application is approved.
  2. Start-Up Business Loan: If you do not have any business history then you can apply for this loan. A start-up business loan will finance new business owners. These loans can be paid back within 6 months-4 years depending on the final approved loan tenure. You need to submit your driver’s license, credit score, bank account number, business plan and equipment quote. This loan for your trampoline business will get approved within 2 weeks.
  3. Business Term Loan: It is a traditional business loan where a lump of capital is approved which you repay in regular instalments at a fixed rate of interest. The repayment term is set at least from 1-5 years long. When you apply for this loan from CITI the application process will be too long as it will need several documents such as driver’s license, bank statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, voided business check, credit score, business and personal tax returns. CITI will approve the loan for your trampoline business with 2 days.

So if you wish to invest in a trampoline business you can get the required finance from CITI. Avail anyone of the above-mentioned business loans according to your requirement and get it sanctioned to fund your trampoline business.




Practice Various Exercises To Enhance Your Cheerleading Skills 2020


If you are interested in cheerleading then you need to be flexible, strong as well as be able to jump and also perform tumbling moves. So a good quality trampoline will help you to condition your body, practice jumps as well as learn new moves related to tumbling but with very little risk of injury.

While jumping or tumbling try to focus on the exact form. Then increase your jumps’ height. Before you try one flip in any direction, you must bounce on the trampoline for gaining the necessary height. A full cartwheel will require a bigger trampoline. You can practice flips, twists, tucks and handsprings with a partner.

Korea’s Largest Trampoline Park 2020

Vaunce Trampoline Park is the largest one in Korea. At this Korea’s largest park you can pay just for one or two hours and have fun by getting engaged in the various activities. If you wish you can book the park’s spaces for parties and other social events.

Why Should You Visit Vaunce Trampoline Park?

  • It is a wonderful place in Korea to enjoy with your loved ones.
  • If you find it difficult to spend some time for your family, then plan a trip to this largest trampoline park in Korea. It includes various activities that you will be able to enjoy with your little ones. It will let you reconnect and spend some great time with them.
  • Korea’s largest park is situated in many locations and allows you to jump and bounce around throughout the day simply for fun. You can also relieve your stress on various rows of trampolines.
  • You might think that it is a place for only children. But it is equally well suited for kids as well as adults. All your family members can enjoy and have fun here. This trampoline park has activities for individuals of every age group. Apart from the trampolining jumping along with the rides for kids, indoor zip line, water zone, etc are also present.
  • It also offers extra recreational activities like basketball as well as dodgeball that anyone can enjoy while bouncing around on the trampolines.
  • If your kid enjoys celebrating his birthday at an outdoor venue with close ones, then look out for this park. This venue is not like the usual one which your kids find interesting but you find boring. It will offer special group discounts. All your guests will also remember the event as it will be different and fun-filled for all.

So if you reside in Korea then visit Vaunce Trampoline Park now. Further, during a vacation or business trip to Korea, keep one day aside for enjoying various activities in this largest trampoline park.

How Can Trampoline Businesses Bring Benefits 2020?

Trampolines are one of the fastest developing entertainment attractions nowadays. So it is vital that you make sure your park is surviving well in this industry. You need to also see how you can benefit in this business as one of the trampoline corporations. Mentioned below are some useful tips.

  • Proper Ticketing Systems: Ensure that your park has a smooth ticketing process. It will benefit you by leaving an unforgettable impression on the visitors. A properly tuned ticketing system will improve your customer’s as well as the staff’s experience a lot. If you wish to attract every kind of customers then sell the tickets in various places including online and on-site. Include slots based on time across several rooms as well as times along with vouchers, merchandise and VIP passes.
  • Convenient Check-In: If you streamline the check-in process, then it will let your visitors begin jumping as well as flipping as soon as they can. You can do this by offering digital waivers which should be signed before they arrive. It will aid to decrease the costs, waste along with lines. To benefit from this, customize the waivers with extra images, text fields, surveys and branding for more visibility along with market data.
  • Enhance Customer Involvement: Try to maintain meaningful engagement with the customers as it will aid in building relationships as well as double their possibility of returning to your park. Involvement with them after they have left your park will leave a memorable impression on them. Properly attended customer services along with fast response time are important as customers are seen to expect prompt engagement. You can benefit a lot by sending them discount coupons, rewards, special promotions via email.

So by following the above mentioned tips, you can let your trampoline park grow and become one of the popular corporations in this industry. Your business will also benefit a lot and appear to be much profitable.

Jump 360: Alberta’s Monster Trampoline Park 2020

Jump 360 is one such Trampoline Park that is situated in Edmonton, Alberta. Tourists who visit Alberta for vacation must move ahead to Edmonton and plan a trip to this trampoline park to enjoy several attractions. This place will let you jump for all types of reasons.

Get Some Idea About This Popular Trampoline Park

If you are looking for some place where you and your loved ones can get hold of some entertainment along with excitement then visit Jump 360 the most popular monster trampoline park in Alberta. You will have an exciting as well as exhilarating experience of my first trampoline park that will be memorable. This monster park lies ahead of many other trampoline parks as it has fun-filled activities for people of all age groups. You can bounce around on the trampoline with your siblings and friends. Enjoy a thrilling experience of flying off the rope into the airbag of 80 feet with your partner. You can also spar upon any battle beam. If you wish you can also keep yourself engaged in a low energy workout.

Moreover, if you have a child aged below 3 years, he can also jump free without any concerns under proper guidance. For kids aged 2 years and above Jump 360 monster trampoline park has brought many innovations other than the trampolines such as rope swing, slides and various fun activities are available. Teenagers and adults can either enjoy jumping on the trampolines or go ahead and challenge their siblings to cage ball and dodgeball games. There is also a big and comfy viewing area that consists of couches as well as easy access to our refreshment area. It is a perfect place for individuals who would accompany their little ones or friends here and just watch them enjoying themselves. It is also a great venue for hosting large corporate and events, team parties, private parties, school field trips, birthday celebrations and many more in Alberta. Many social and fund raising events can also be conducted in Alberta’s monster trampoline par. The available party packages can be personalized in order to suit your group’s size, requirements as well as preference.

Jump 360 is completely focused on providing great customer service along with safety. So drop by or move ahead and contact them now to have a fun, safe as well as enjoyable experience in this monster trampoline park.