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Reviews of Best Trampoline Accessories of 2020 That You Must Have

Trampolines are a great way of getting people to be fit, athletic and agile. There are various trampolines in the market today and after going through all we come to a conclusion as to which one suits our needs the best. A best outdoor trampoline comes just as it is in a simple useable form once set up, however today we have a large number of trampoline accessories in the market that not only add to the fun of the trampoline but also go a long way in adding to the safety aspect of the trampoline. Adding these accessories the trampoline adds a whole new dimension to it. Accessories can be of safety value, fun value or maintenance value and all three aspects go a long way in making trampolining a fun activity.

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Best Trampoline Accessories Reviews

Safety Accessories

All trampolines need safety features in terms if accessories to help you have a safe experience on them. Trampolines come with springs that help with the bounce. These springs at times can prove to be dangerous if the jumper falls on them during the process of using the trampoline. In order to make the experience of trampolining safe there is a protective measure in the form of Trampoline Frame Pads that are perfect for covering all springs. These springs are well protected by these pads and there will not be any injuries to the jumper if he comes in contact with them.

These pads fit 12Ft, 14Ft and 15Ft trampoline frames and are more perfect for round trampolines. The pad thickness is 21 mm and gives a good cushioning for the springs. The pads are made of foam which are of high quality and last very long. These pads once bought are easy to assemble and do not require an expert or a technician to fix it. They can also be easily replaced when worn out. The pad is waterproof and hence all the springs will be protected in any weather.

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Giantex Trampoline Pad, Exercise Fitness Gymnastics...
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When a person begins to use the trampoline he goes about by performing various jumps and tricks. There is always the danger of him or her of falling off the trampoline if there is no protection around the trampoline. This is the reason why one of the most important safety accessories now days is a Trampoline safety net. These nets are used as enclosures all around the trampoline, thus preventing anyone from falling off it. The nets are made from UV-resistant polypropylene which is a highly durable material. These nets last long and can withstand any weather conditions. The net usually extends to a height of 6 feet.

Additionally nets also prevent trampoline users from hitting the poles of the trampoline. A high number of trampoline injuries have occurred due to non-presence of safety nets. Certain trampolines now days come with a netted enclosure as a part of the package, while for others you’ll need to purchase them separately as an accessory. The net can be easily assembled onto the trampoline without the need of any technician. All you need to know is the size of the trampoline and you can buy the necessary enclosure for it. Skywalker trampoline accessories always come with the best quality and is one brand in the market that can be blindly trusted.trampoline game accessories

Skywalker Trampolines 15' Round Enclosure Net
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Skywalker Trampolines 15' Round Enclosure Net
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A trampoline mat is one of the primary accessories of a Trampoline. It is the most used part of the trampoline during all forms of activity on it. Over a period of time the mat gets worn out due to heavy use and needs to be replaced.  It may also begin to get worn out due to weather conditions. A trampoline cannot perform its work if the mats are worn out.

Measure the size of the mat to get one that suits the size of the trampoline. If you have a square trampoline you need to measure the length and width of the trampoline and if you have a round one, then measuring the diameter will suffice.  The trampoline mat is made from Polypropylene mesh material which is a durable and long lasting product. This mat is UV Resistant and also water and fade resistant. The spring size is inches and mat size including V-loops is 75.23 inches. If you are looking to use your trampoline for many years then it is very important for you to replace your trampoline mats on time. This will ensure the safety of the jumper.

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Upper Bounce Replacement Jumping Mat, Fits 15 ft Round...
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The first task anyone learns on a trampoline is how to get onto it. Getting onto a trampoline is a safety concern and the process cannot be done haphazardly. Specially designed trampoline ladders assist users in climbing onto a trampoline. This is especially important for younger children in both senses, one when you want to help them get onto the trampoline, or by just removing the ladder you can deny them entry onto the trampoline as well.

This trampoline ladder is flat and has textured steps which are an important feature to prevent a person from slipping off while climbing onto the trampoline. It can fit onto any trampoline which is has a 3" round frame. This ladder can be installed and removed without any difficulties. This ladder is made of galvanised UV resistant steel and hence is very durable and can be left best rated outdoors trampoline for a long time. It has received certifications from ASTM, TUV/GS and CE. It weighs 220 pounds and measures 38x16x3. Invest in this trampoline ladder; teach your child how to get onto it and you will have stress free experience while your child plays on the trampoline.

Pure Fun Wide 2-Step Universal Trampoline Ladder
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Pure Fun Wide 2-Step Universal Trampoline Ladder
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After setting up the trampoline we want to be double sure that it is firmly rooted in the ground. We want to be certain that it will not trip over by winds. There is a solution to this in the form of Trampoline stakes. Trampoline stakes when used completely secure a trampoline and do not allow it to move or trip over at any cost. These stakes are pre curved in the form of a U shape. These stakes need to be positioned over the legs of the trampoline and then need to be fixed into the ground.

Eurmax Trampolines Wind Stakes come as a pack of 4 pieces. They fit any trampoline with the leg diameter of up to 2.8 inches. These trampoline stakes are made from galvanised steel and are highly resistant to UV rays. They can withstand any weather conditions. You can now be assured that in a storm or wind, your trampoline will be safely rooted to the ground and will not trip over. A lot of parents also worry that due to the intense activity in the form of loads of jumping by their kids; the trampoline may shift or fall over. This issue is also addressed by the use of trampoline stakes.

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Eurmax Trampolines Stakes Wind Stake 0.35 Inch Heavy Duty...
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When we make use of the trampoline, we carry with us lots of stuff. We come wearing shoes, a belt maybe, clothes, water bottle and so on. Leaving it all around the trampoline can make it look messy and also it may have the possibility of rolling under the mat thereby causing injuries.

You will not need to worry where all your things have disappeared anymore. They will be perfectly laid out in the trampoline show net. The trampoline show net is compatible with almost all trampolines. They are made from black heavy duty mesh material which makes them very durable and last a very long time. They attach to the trampoline with straps. These trampoline shoe nets are very easy to handle. They can be easily installed and removed. You can clean them whenever you need and put it back. These bags help you to be organised and leave the area around the trampoline clean. Do not waste time and get your hands on one of these in order to have a well maintained trampoline.

Upper Bounce UBSHB-3
60 Reviews
Upper Bounce UBSHB-3
  • Black Heavy Duty Mesh material
  • Holds Shoes and miscellaneous items, perfect...

A trampoline plastic part is a T socket that is a part of the trampoline frame. These sockets help to hold the frame together during assembly. The plastic parts have a hole on each side of the front round tube. The dimensions of these parts are 1.25" x 1.25" x 1.25".

Being made of good quality plastic these parts are highly durable and will last for a long time. All the various parts together help in assisting with the process of putting this trampoline up. Depending on the size of the trampoline pole you need to purchase these parts. Since it is made of plastic it is cheaper however quality is not compromised. They are all UV resistant and will not get spoiled in heat. They are easily available for you to make use of it.

Skywalker Trampoline Frame Parts, Square T-Socket Cap,...
5 Reviews

Fun Accessories

A trampoline once assembled by itself is a fun item. However you can increase the amount of fun you have on the trampoline by adding fun accessories to it. One such accessory is the Trampoline Basketball Hoop. Learn how to jump and slam dunk by challenging your friends on the trampoline. It happens to be treat and a source of entertainment for most teens. It can be attached to the safety enclosure itself.

This trampoline basketball loop is made up of a heavy duty 8 loop net. It is durable and will last you a very long time. It comes with a 23” x 16” board which is made of shatter proof polycarbonate material. This loop is sure to give anyone a real basketball experience and playing it on a trampoline can be even more challenging. The rim is 9.5” with a spring action mechanism to it. Enjoy unlimited hours of fun using this ring on your trampoline. Basketball is known to make you taller, so our word of advice is for every parent to invest in this trampoline basketball loop and give your child a healthy sporting activity so that this may be a stepping stone of another Michael Jordan in the making.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball, XL (23 x 16 inches)
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SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball, XL (23 x 16 inches)
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One of the coolest fun trampoline accessories is the Trampoline Bounce Board. It is a foam board with foot inserts that is used to do various tricks on the trampoline. It is a safe accessory and parents need not worry when their child is using it. It is lightweight and durable. It has a slip resistant fabric on the bottom of the board so it reduces the chance of you slipping on it while you use the board. It comes with adjustable foot straps to fit one and all. This also happens to keep you secure when you bounce on the trampoline.

This board is reasonably priced and easily available. It has a shock absorption feature whereby you will not feel the thud of your landing when you jump on the trampoline. Remember that these boards are not planned to be used on mini trampolines for toddler, they have to be used on full-fledged trampolines only to maximise your safety. Purchase this cool accessory for you kids and watch them transform into amateur snow boarders on the trampoline.Trampoline game accessories add the fun element to a trampoline thus making you come back for more every single time.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Rebound Jumping Skate
12 Reviews
Upper Bounce Trampoline Rebound Jumping Skate
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Maintenance Accessories

This is a very good maintenance accessory for your trampoline which helps both during installation and periodic maintenance. Using your bare hands or pliers to install, tighten or loosen springs is a very difficult task that is the reason we have the trampoline spring puller in the market today. It is in the shape of a T hook with a soft rubber material. It helps you to slide springs on the frame of the trampoline, very easily and quickly. You can also remove old springs and replace them with new ones using this tool. Obviously springfree trampolines will not be needing this accessory. 

Make sure to keep the trampoline spring puller in your tool kit at all times at it will be very helpful for you during maintenance. Using this tool does not only save you the time but also prevents any accidents from occurring while using your bare hands. It is a lifesaver when it is used to tighten the mats. You will surely be dismantling your trampoline during the times you do not need it or during bad weather, it is surely useful to help you in this process.

JumpKing Spring Pulling Tool
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JumpKing Spring Pulling Tool
  • The Spring Pulling Tool is used to help...
  • Spring Pulling Tool

We all invest a lot of our money in buying the best trampolines. Trampolines happen to be pretty costly when you think of it. After considering all this we need to protect our trampolines at all times especially from harsh weather. An interesting accessory to meet your needs is a weather cover pad for your trampoline. It comes in the best quality of material possible which is very durable and will last you for a long time. It provides 100% UV protection so it will protect your trampoline by best means.

It can be attached to the trampoline using S-hooks to jumping mat V-rings. It is waterproof so it will protect the trampoline form the rain as well. It is a one piece design so it can be fixed on to the trampoline easily. Make sure that you measure the trampoline well and then buy a cover that would fit your trampoline easily. It comes in sizes from 7 feet upto 16 feet. You will get the in either black or blue colors. This trampoline weather cover pad is easily available.

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Upper Bounce Weather-Resistant Protective Trampoline Cover,...
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Should You Add Accessories To A Trampoline For Safety?

Adding accessories to trampolines really helps in making it much safer for the users. All springs and edges of the trampoline needs to be covered with padding to prevent injuries in case someone falls on them. You also get safety net enclosures to prevent anyone using the trampoline from falling off it. You get trampoline anchor kits which when installed will prevent the trampoline from tripping over. It adds stability to your trampolines and ensures that the trampoline remains steady during the activity on it. Install a ladder for your trampoline to help children get into it with ease thereby reducing the injuries involved in children trying to jump onto a trampoline to get on to it. Add a trampoline skirt to your trampoline to prevent small children and pets from crawling under the trampoline thereby increasing the risk of their injuries.

All these accessories help you to keep yourself safe on a trampoline. There have been various instances where a lot of people suffer from injuries only because they have left their trampolines as they are without using safety accessories. You will have to decide whether you are going to stay with a normal trampoline and compromise on safety or go ahead and make a wise choice of investing in safety accessories. Make sure to pick up these accessories and help yourself attain peace of mind when you or your children decide to use the trampoline.

How Can You Ensure Safety Other Than Adding Accessories To Your Trampoline?

Besides adding accessories it is a good habit to regularly take other measures that will help in adding safety to your trampoline. Firstly make it a habit to inspect the trampoline’s surface. The surface should be secure and tight. However the tightness should be just right and not too tight. Carry out an inspection of the springs and bolts of the trampoline. Make sure the springs are not damaged. Springs sometimes stretch and become corroded. These have to be replaced immediately.

Make sure to install your springfree trampoline in a safe environment. Avoid putting it up on uneven areas like slopes or bumpy surfaces. Try and install it on soft and sturdy grounds, which are sandy or covered with grass. While installing the trampoline, ensure that you have followed all the steps that are listed out in the trampoline user manual, do not try to avoid the manual to take steps on your own. The manual is designed with safety taken into consideration so all you need to do is just follow it.

When it comes to sending your kids on the trampoline, make sure to come up with a set of rules while supervising them. Adhere to the weight limit; do not exceed the weight limit at any cost as you will endanger all those on the trampoline. Supervise your kids when they start on a trampoline. Make sure they do not try doing stunts or tricks without learning them properly. Make sure to teach them to land at the centre of the trampoline at all times. Teach them how to use the ladder to enter into the trampoline as opposed to trying to jump on it in improper ways. If you find that they do not listen to you, prohibit them from going on a trampoline, they will then slowly understand the seriousness of following your rules.

These small habits go a long way in ensuring safe use of the trampoline and prevent the occurrence of injuries.

Few Last Words

The choice is yours, you can either buy a trampoline or leave it as it is or by a trampoline and invest in accessories for trampoline to make it better. After all the primary concern of every buyer is the safety on the trampoline. Trampolines by themselves are not safe; they need the necessary elements to be added to increase their safety. If you have kids you must not even think twice to guarantee their safety. Besides the safety aspects you need to buy accessories so that your child does not get bored to use the trampoline someday. Pick up accessories that keep your chided engaged to the trampoline.

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